Your influencers, comprised of celebrities, journalists, bloggers, and other online content creators, can help you deliver your message to the right people at the right time. They share the fact that they have a platform, either a large social following, or role tied to the distribution of content to a broad audience.   

Prior to reaching out to influencers, prepare a set of templates to help you streamline the process. e.g. Journalists, need press releases and media kits. You can flag celebrity influencers with large social followings as endorsement opportunities. Either way, since these groups are usually paid in some way to share their thoughts with others, make sure you customize your communication to each influencer so they know you’ve done your homework (P.S. do your homework on each one you target). 

Your templates should include a follow-up (not everyone will read your initial email), requests for feedback after an influencer has tried your product, and content you can use for damage control to address a negative experience the right away. Avoid influencers with large platforms until you have a refined message and data that proves its efficacy.

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