In this section, we cover how to digest your campaign pages. You can also click on this video link for an overview.  

On the left hand sidebar, under “Campaigns”, is where all your campaign pages live. Each specific campaign page represents a specific subgroup and population.

  • New Products Feedback:  
  • Message Simplicity: 
  • Product Reviews: 
  • Endorsements:  
  • Launch:  

On each campaign page you can update the population’s drop-down menu (select the y and x axes, and the data list you want to analyze) to ensure the correct data are selected. The charts, tables, and content will refresh to isolate the specific outreach channels, messaging recommendation strategies, and user contact info you will need for each campaign. These will only map the appropriate users for one campaign at a time. 

For each campaign, you’ll get an FAQ and a short walkthrough to cover highlights of the tasks and user population insights the app is recommending. 

On each campaign page, under “Campaign Content Templates”, you’ll see a list of email campaign templates you can customize with your product specifics and benefits. Email is by far the most effective way to communicate and nurture your prospects. Each features the best practice of adding an introduction, salutation, and “call to action” to streamline your content creation process. 

Copy each template and paste into your CRM, or copy and paste it into a new document to begin customizing. It’s important to focus on how to use the templates to create content that makes your outreach meaningful to the end user you are targeting to maximize your opportunities for engagement, and ultimately conversion. 

Please note that a typical email campaign includes 5-7 (this an average; yours may require more or less) emails, with multiple follow-ups to ensure you’ve made every effort to engage your prospects.

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