Below is a FAQ we put together based on common questions we've been fielding. 

Q: Can you help me recruit experts/influencers?  

A: Yes. The app allows you to apply multiple industry and product matches simultaneously to identify a segment that’s likely to be comprised of experts and influencers.   

Q: Can you help recruit investors?

A: In a word, yes, but the app is not magic and nothing (as in life) is guaranteed. Here's our approach: we take your list of contacts and custom match them to your company (or product, or both) as a concept. This allows us to generate a list of prospects with lead scores (the higher the better) that are a good match for your concept, and from that you have a targeted list of investors. 

We've cultivated our own internal lists of North American Angels and VCs that we can also match against, and have a team that can conduct outreach on your behalf once you’ve approved the content. Your obligation is to follow-up with in a timely manner with prospects who want to learn more.   

We can also use your existing list of current and prospective investors to create targeted social ads. We do this by zeroing in on your contacts' social media information (Twitter and LinkedIn are two examples) to develop ad strategy and messages to use. 

Q: Can you help identify family offices for our fund? 

A: Yes. The Wrench app recognizes institutional indicators. 

Q: Can you help identify influencers for our marketing efforts? 

A: Yes; the app recognizes social clout, followers, and bloggers. In fact, influencers the app has identified have their own chart on the main dashboard. We can provide influencer outreach templates to kickoff outreach and engagement so you don't have to start from scratch. 

Q: Can you help with our messaging strategy? 

A: Yes. We can recommend a messaging strategy for each segment based on adoption curve, personality, and buyer’s journey. We also have templates of campaign copy that you can customize.    

Q: Can you help me identify family offices with a large net worth who may be interested in avoiding capital gains taxes? 

A: This is a tough one, but we may be able to help. We may be able to isolate a list of prospects by combining data from a few different sources (family office lead scores, individual professionals, and dry powder data) to make deductions. In any case, it's better than random guessing.

Q: Can you help me tweak my Twitter and LinkedIn messaging?

A: Sure thing. We can recommend an angle based on your audience. We have "Branding DNA" tools we can use to assist you in creating messaging angles you can use even beyond a raise and to streamline your content marketing efforts. 

Q: I am part of network of blockchain investors; could this tool be used to screen/select identify projects to invest in or back? 

A: Yes; we can use a few variables to identify the likelihood of high-value opportunities. One of the ways to do this--as an example-- is to measure the networks of a founder or founding team. This allows us to get a good idea if founders have a healthy enough network from which they can pull endorsements, advisors, etc. 

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